Eligible – Application Not Referred to Selecting Official

I get another e-mail letting me know that I am ” Eligible – Application Not Referred to Selecting Official”. Actually, I got three of them, all relating to the same job. I guess http://www.USAJobs.com really wanted me to know that hey, you got some talent, some skills, but when compared to everyone else – you’re not quite good enough to be referred to a live person. I’m still hoping for something more positive in relation to the Asylum Officer position that I applied for. It’s something I would be so so so good at. I already have the skills they want and I’ve worked with refugees in the past, and because I haven’t done this exact job before you get to pay me less than someone who has. It’s a win win! You know, I’ve gotten so many of these e-mails that, while I know I’m good enough, I’d probably fall off my chair if I was referred to a real live person. Side note: Technology sucks when a computer can weed you out of a job search. I’m sure they’re smart, but no matter how hard we try, a computer is not a person. Not that I’m bitter or anything 🙂 But since I got less than stellar news today, I had to bake extra just to compensate. I have been feeding my white starter for four days now.  This takes about 2 sacks of flour. It is one hungry baby. I have to feed it three (3!) times a day. I could only feed it one big meal, but as Nancy Silverton says in her book, “Breads from the Le Brea Bakery”, “how would YOU like it if you were only fed once a day”. I know I’d be riotous and didn’t want to risk an angry starter, so I did the right and responsible thing and fed it three times a day, on a pretty normal schedule. Funny thing is, I had to do it four 4 days and for all of those four days I was at the beach. So I packed up my starter, recipe and scale and took the baby to the beach!

I also had to take another starter with me. Remember when I told you that a friend gave me a starter for Amish cake maybe it was Amish Friendship Bread? I don’t know other than it has something to do with the Amish. Well, it needed some TLC as well, so that went to the beach too. All I had to do was “mush” the bag a bit so it was no big deal. Although, somehow on the way home the bag burst open and I lost most of it. You’re supposed to keep a starter for yourself, and prepare three others to give away. Well, I lost so much that I did not prepare three others, but used everything that was left. It was a good decision.  According to the schedule it needed to be baked today, so baked it I did. Although, I lost control of the vanilla and poured a bit too much in. I had some problems with the salt too. Still tasted good though. There was an option of 1 cup oil or 1/2 cup oil and a 1/2 cup applesauce. I went with the applesauce. My dad ate a massive massive piece and commented on it when I got home from my meeting tonight (more on that later). So I guess despite the hiccups, all was well in the land of Amish cake.

mmmmmm....Amish whatever it is

photography isn't awesome, but still makes your mouth water

I also made two bigas (or maybe the plural of biga is bigi??) for ciabatta bread. This should yield four loaves. I am meeting some friends for dinner tomorrow night and I wanted to give them each a loaf. As a result I have quite a schedule to make sure that they are out of the oven and cooled by 4:30.  I’ll be making bread on and off all week. We go through ciabatta like it ain’t no thang! I also have a bunch of family things going on and everyone must have fresh bread. I can’t contribute in any meaningful way, but I can cook and bake. Tomorrow night I get to start my lovely bread with my newly grown white starter. Standby for details!

In the last few days I found 1 job I can reasonably apply for. One. I’m not even getting interviews for admin positions. I’m guessing it’s because I have a masters degree so they think either that I will leave as soon as I find something better, or that I will expect them them to pay me more then their able. I guess it’s possible that the universe is out to keep me unemployed, but I really don’t think it’s likely. Possible, but not likely. So I bake.

Tonight I had my last Tuesday meeting. In previous meetings we discussed our minds, our bodies, our spirits and resources available to us. Tonight it was about achieving and maintaining a balance. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of it. To be honest, I got nada. Not because I have all the answers or I am just so right on and perfect, but I think mostly because unless there is a catastrophe, I can generally take things in stride. Job search isn’t going well? I bake. Getting to fat for my clothes? Dust off the running shoes. I’m very good at taking a step back and assessing how I feel, what’s going on and what I can or can’t do about it. I obviously wasn’t always this way and I’m not awesome every day. But I have even started the point where  can kill some bugs. Not all. There are still a number that I cower from, but if it is smaller than nickel and doesn’t have a million legs…it’s going down!

Tomorrow, baking commences in full swing!


3 thoughts on “Eligible – Application Not Referred to Selecting Official

  1. Found your page because I Googled “Eligible, not referred to selecting official” after having received the same more than once now . Loved how you said you take it all in stride. It’s the way to think!

    • Thanks so much! Let me know how your job search is working out. I’d love to find out if USA Jobs actually lets anyone through!

  2. I will certainly let ya know! It’s odd because a lot of people say they have a vet-preference and sometimes civilians do get in. It seems like a crapshoot! Good luck in your job search!

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